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Crepe Pink Gold Borderless Kanjivaram Saree

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Code :  SKJ 2218

A dream of a saree! A dreamy crepe pink paired with a smokey lavender borderless kanjivaram. The saree has tiny butas spread equally all through the saree. The butas in teh saree are in two shades of gold - light and dark. In addition to the heavy butas that are spread all through, the palla is resplendant with heavy ornate intricate weave giving it an exptremely royal look. The saree is a borderless kanjivaram yet something that is completely a heritage haul. Wear it in any occassion and be showered with compliments.The saree has a richness that is charachteristic of a Kanjivaram silk. It has a rich drape that sits the body gracefully. It comes with a blouse piece  that matches the shade of the palla of the saree. 


  • Blouse piece : Yes
  • Handloom : Yes
  • Finishing : Fall and pico done on request