RuHH means “the soul” in Persian.

Just like the purity of the soul that is not bound by time, we dream of the purity and timelessness of art.


At RuHH, we believe that less is more. It means more space and time for beautiful, handcrafted experiences – most of which are envisioned and handcrafted at our U.S studio. We’re passionate about creating timeless sustainable designs as also curating weaves that speak of the art and craft handed down through generations. It is a special kind of uniqueness we aspire to - Minimalism with an edge and Timelessness.


We are about everything created with deft fingers - completely handcrafted and unique, whether it’s jewelry or woven wonders.  My association with different corners of the globe deeply influenced my design sensibility – my travels, India where I grew up, and the U.S., my home where I now live. Jewelry that is a manifestation of my sketches and thoughts showcases the magnetism of designs of the bygone era rooted in Asian tradition on one hand, and on the other, clean lines and geometric construction with the occasional surprise of asymmetry. We bring forth the best of both our Asian pasts and our American present – the result being that of elegance, classic with a hint of modern and edgy elements.

 We believe that keeping our collections unique helps you with needing fewer pieces – having treasured items - one that you connect with - that you can wear season after season, year after year. We focus on creating designs that set trends rather than following them. Our timeless aesthetic allows our collections to stay alive and relevant beyond just a few months. RuHH Artwear stands as a proud, sustainable alternative to “disposable” or “fast” fashion in terms of design philosophy and production approach.

 As we say, RuHH is timeless, and forever!