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Pure Silk Block Printed Scarf - Parrots Tale

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Every handcrafted product has a story to tell. So does this scarf.

Back in those days when I was years little and I lived in India is where this story started. I used to play in my little room. One day I was distracted by short quick tweets. I looked up and I saw a little parrot by my window sill. I offered the parrot a piece of candy from my candy jar...and thence started a friendship. Everyday at around the same time the parrot would come by, or so I thought.  I would come back from school, run to the room hoping to see him/her. and yes. It would be waiting patiently for me and my generous offer of a piece of candy. Days went by and a friendship was formed. It would come close and let me pet him/her. Till one day when he/ she did not turn up. And the next day he/she did not. And the next... I kept waiting for days but it did not...

Days passed and I never saw the friendly little parrot any more. Till this day in my heart I look for the parrot. 

In ode to my friend is my handmade scarf called the "Parrots tale"

A pure mulberry silk hand spun and hand woven pure scarf. Block printed in my little studio with handcarved wooden blocks.The scarf in natural ivory has been hand block printed with parrot motifs in bright parrot green with a red beak accent. It has been embellished with hand stitches and lovely tri-color tassels that has been sewn onto the scarf, with bead accents. The parrots have little crystals in their eye that adds a little sparkle to the scarf. The four ends of the scarf has little handcarved wooden parrots and hand rolled tassels stitched on.


  •  Shape rectangular
  •  Length  Width


  • Handspun woven pure mulburry silk
  • hand block  printed
  • Hand embellished
  • Dry wash only

We have tried to capture the true and exact color of the saree. Please be aware that it might look different depending on the device you are using